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[DIPLOMACY] Latin America 2026

2019.09.16 09:59 H0bster [DIPLOMACY] Latin America 2026

Each conversation is private
First we would like to ask for permission to take for individual countries to take the lead on negotiating trade agreements with other customs unions and countries. After negotiations are finished the proposed agreements will be put forward to be signed and ratified. [M] This will make it a lot easier to make trade agreements from a meta perspective but won't really have any ig impact. [/M]
Second we would like to propose sanctions with Venezuela that aren't as broad as our last proposals. Each is put forth individually.
  1. Mercosur exports to Venezuela will be subject to a soft quota of 300 million dollars per country per year after which they will be subject to a 10% export tariff on top of existing export taxes. No exports in excess of 400 million per country per year will be allowed. Out of the current members of Mercosur(Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay), who have voting rights, and the candidates for membership(Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia), who don't have voting rights and this wouldn't currently apply to, only Brazil would hit the hard quota and Colombia would hit the soft quota.
  2. Mercosur imports from Venezuela will also be subject of a hard cap and a soft cap. The hard quota will be 300 million per country per year after which imports from Venezuela would be disallowed. The soft cap will be 200 million dollars per year after which a import duty of 10% on 2top of any existing import taxes will be added. Out of the current members of Mercosur(Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay), who have voting rights, and the candidates for membership(Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia), who don't have voting rights and this wouldn't currently apply to, only Brazil would hit the hard quota and Colombia would hit the soft quota.
  3. Ban the trade of weapons to and from Venezuela for Mercosur countries. Ban Mercosur flagged ships from transporting weapons to and from Venezuela. This is not a significant portion of Mercosur trade with Venezuela but should be stopped before it ever has the chance to start.
  4. Impose quotas on the export of paper goods to Venezuela. We propose a quota for this year holding exports stable, then cutting them to 75% of the current amount for year n+1, 50% of current for n+2, and so on like that until they are down to 0%.
We would like to propose the addition of Chile as a candidate for membership showing that they will start to unify their regulations and policies with ours and be considered for membership in five or so years down the road. If it is not agreeable for them to be added as candidate at this time we put forward adding them as an observer.
We would like to propose that Colombia, an associate member since 2005 and a candidate for membership since 2022, be added as a full member of Mercosur pending their agreement. Colombia has a strong and stable economy, has cracked down on organized crime, and has recently lost a good chunk of trade as their land border with Venezuela has been closed meaning that the rest of Mercosur could easily and rapidly build trade connections. With all of this we believe they would make an ideal full member.
We would like to propose that France and Netherlands be added as observers to Mercosur given their territories in South America we believe they will make good partners.
Finally we would like to see Mexico's observer status removed. Mexico has an increasingly close relationship with Venezuela including deploying military units, likely in support of the Venezuelan invasion of Guyana. We can not allow Mexico to continue within our kind and peaceful organization as they are clearly a mean and spiteful country.
Venezuelans Abroad
As an increasing number of Venezuelans flee the illegitimate government and the legitimate government finds itself imprisoned we would like to invite the remaining vestages of the legitimate government of Venezuela to set up a government-in-exile in the state of Roraima, which is home to many Venezuelan refugees. We will help you set up a temporary capital in the city of Caracarai until the domestic population of Venezuela decides they want a change and bring the legitimate government back. We will welcome all Venezuelan refugees to move to the city where they can safely live and work until Venezuela is free once again. We will work to expand the city so that it can hold man many more refugees and we will guarantee Brazilian citizenship for any refugees who do not wish to move back to Venezuela once it is free.
We would like to specifically invite the Supreme Tribunal of Justice of Venezuela in exile, the ambassadors of Guiado abroad, and the Venezuelan reprasentative to the OAS(sent by the Guiado administration) to get the government started.
Hello good friend. We've done a lot of stuff together in the past and we'd like to see that continue. We request that you publically denounce venezuela's attempt to start a dispute between you and Guyana by leaving a dogtag at the location of a gunfight between Venezuelan militias and Colombian militias, likely Farc-ep(hardly an ally of your government), and we would like to make it clear to the world that this is a non-issue to generally recognized states and more a problem of the illegitimate Venezuelan government being unable to control all of their territories and therefore being generally lawless. Ending the non-conflict between you and Guyana would really mean a lot to us.
We would also like to offer our assistance in dealing with drug cartels and anti-government militias in your country. We would like to send 100 policing advisers and 500 military advisers to help with training. We would also like to help with surveillance and coastal defense to help you properly combat drug smuggling so we would like to open a base for our drones in Barranquilla. We will gather intelligence and share it all with you. We will also provide training in drone usage to your officers and allow you to use the drones should you ever need them. We would also like to help you upgrade your military, we would like to buy your M8 Greyhounds and M3 Stuarts and replace them with EE-9 Cascavels, EE-11 Urutus, and VBTP-MR Guaranis all of which postdate World War II unlike the Stuarts and Greyhounds. We would also like to sell you MEKO frigates to give your navy proper capabilities.
Finally we would like to offer to expand our rail network into Colombia. We believe connecting Brazil and Colombia by rail could be a great boost to commerce between our two countries.
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2019.02.13 23:00 christian_daes Tecnoglass Enters Into Strategic Joint Venture Agreement with Saint-Gobain

Tecnoglass Inc., a manufacturer of architectural glass, windows and associated aluminum products, has entered into a joint venture agreement with Saint-Gobain through the planned purchase of a minority ownership interest in Vidrio Andino. The Colombia-based subsidiary of Saint-Gobain has annualized sales of approximately $100 million.
Vidrio Andino has been selling glass in Colombia and the region since 1997 and began production at its manufacturing facility located near Bogotá, Colombia in 2013, becoming the main supplier of float glass to Tecnoglass since then.
Vidrio Andino also plans to build a new glass manufacturing facility in Galapa, which is located approximately 12 miles from Tecnoglass’ existing production facilities. The new facility will have nominal production capacity of approximately 750 metric tons per day of float glass. Upon the expected completion of the new Galapa facility in 2021, Tecnoglass will benefit from the following:
“We are excited to partner with Saint-Gobain and to develop one of the most advanced and efficient glass production facilities in the world near our own plant network,” says Tecnoglass CEO José Manuel Daes. “This investment reinforces our vertical integration strategy and positions Tecnoglass to capture benefits from nearly the entire value chain of our high-quality architectural glass production. The joint venture secures our float glass supply and will generate significant synergies for years to come.”
Lea el articulo completo en:
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2018.09.24 01:28 MattJ_33 Drogas Song Translation

[Intro - Letty:]
Partner, 101.5
Good morning, my people!
Letty here, saluting wherever you may be
In Texas, Mexico, or Los Angeles; to Colombia, Central and South America, Miami; my pals in the Caribbean, Barcelona and back to Chicago
I send kisses (Mmmuah)
Greetings! And may this day bring you love, money, prosperity
Oh, look! What a surprise!
Our friend Lupe Fiasco gave me some songs to play for you
Are you ready? C'mon, then! Here it goes!

My God is my drug, if not what am I addicted to?
Pretty girl, they're from Costa Rica
Or maybe Colombia and sing about politics
Reggae atmosphere, this struggle among all the women
Peace, peace, peace, peace without pistols
Only roses, they are better than coke
Coke, calm/be at peace
Ma'am, come to Barranquilla

Kisses, kisses, kisses, kisses, kisses
How do I look? Really good!
Good, good
Good, good
Kisses, kisses, kisses, kisses, kisses
How do I look? Really good!
Good, good
Good, good
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

[Repeat Refrain]
Keep in mind that Lupe's spanish is not perfect, and that translating results in fragments and several definitions to decide upon. The wordings here are likely to later change to better fit the meaning. I did go over this with a native spanish speaker, so I think it's pretty close. I translated the entire song on Genius, but it was taken down because I hadn't provided explanations yet. I really only have a little bit of an idea as to how this fits into the album, so I'll save it for later. But by all means, share and discuss if you have any theories.
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2017.07.19 20:53 Mr_Silverhawk [ECONOMIC] Economic Report 2053,54,55

Official Report from the Ministry of
In the past 3 years the economy of Gran Colombia has shifted from it's slow decline to a growing economy once again. The two historic agreements with Columbia and Orleans, investment into the agricultural and industrial sectors as well as the Sudamerican Bank, new agreements with Brazil and the PFLA has resulted in a quickly growing confidence assurance in the country with many starting to invest back into the stock markets.
With the completion of multiple regeneration projects in Cali, Barranquilla, Bogota, Quito and the impendence of Suriname, the average GDP has increased.
The MOE can report that exports rank greater than imports for the first time in a decade. The top five trading partners are:
This is a total percentage of 77% of trade. The 100% total figure shown above makes up for this percentage:
Other trading partners include the Florida, UK, Latin Commonwealth, USA, Portugal and China.
Since the two produce agreements have signed the Pacific states of America and Orleans have quickly become a major trading partner of Gran Colombia. The PFLA, Brazil and La Plata remain the top three strongest partners but it is expected that the USC becomes the 2nd biggest partner in the next decade.
National debt stands at: 22% of GDP
Employment Rate: 96.7%
Thus, the MoE can officially publish the following for 2053:
As per usual the growth rate and per capita continues to increase due to new initiatives finally being completed since being introduced more than a decade ago.
Economic growth looks bright with continuing trade with the USC and Orleans and continued plans on building initiatives.
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2017.03.23 18:43 WatchingStarsCollide Moving to Barranquilla - advice needed!

I'm moving to Barranquilla in a couple of days along with my partner for 4 months or so to work.
I could really do with some advice on a couple of things:
Accommodation - we are working in different spots, myself in the centro/Bolivar area, and her in the south close to El Limon/calle 30.
What sort of areas should we consider looking in for a room, taking this into account. We'd like to be close to amenities (not necessarily westernised) and preferably close to a swimming pool/club we can join, if possible. Safety is a priority as we're visibly gringos, and like to feel safe in our area at night.
Bars/clubs/restaurants - we like salsa, merengue etc. As well as rock/indie and would love to go to bars that play interesting music. We don't like reggaeton too much. Any suggestions for a good night out/nice meal?
Last - surf. Does anyone on here surf the coast near Barranquilla? If so, I'd love to hear more about spots/boards to hire/buy. Maybe even come with if that's something anyone fancies!
Me mudaré a Barranquilla en un par de días junto con mi compañero por 4 meses o así para trabajar.
Realmente podría hacer con algunos consejos sobre un par de cosas:
Alojamiento - estamos trabajando en diferentes lugares, yo en el centro / área de Bolívar, y ella en el sur cerca de El Limón / calle 30. ¿Qué tipo de áreas debemos considerar la búsqueda de una habitación, teniendo esto en cuenta. Nos gustaría estar cerca de las comodidades (no necesariamente westernized) y preferiblemente cerca de una piscina / club que puede unirse, si es posible. La seguridad es una prioridad ya que estamos visiblemente gringos, y nos gusta sentirse seguros en nuestra zona por la noche.
Bares / clubes / restaurantes - nos gusta salsa, merengue, etc. Así como rock / indie y me encantaría ir a bares que tocan música interesante. No nos gusta mucho el reggaeton. Cualquier sugerencia para una buena noche fuera / buena comida?
Último surf ¿Alguien navega por la costa cerca de Barranquilla? Si es así, me encantaría saber más sobre los puntos / tablas de alquiler / compra. Tal vez incluso vienen con si eso es algo que cualquier persona imagina!
Muchos gracias!
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2017.02.10 02:50 fmonge01 [NEWS] President Fiorentini Responds to Questions on Latin America

Speaking during a meeting with the ambassadors of several Caribbean nations, President Fiorentini expressed her administration's support of individual liberties and the right to self-determination. While her remarks were made regarding the United States' guarantee towards Cuba and the DR, she added that the US would continue to support the ideal of self-determination and would be more vocal in denouncing human rights concerns.
When asked directly about the status of the FRCA and the uneasy relationship between the Latin American power blocs, the President repeated statements made in the last months that "the United States remains impartial in the conflict, and will continue to promote dialogue and rapprochement." When asked about the FRCA's peace conference and the Mexican refusal to attend, she declined to comment beyond saying that "promoting rational discourse will continue to be our priority".
Recent years have seen a shift in Washington towards the URSA, starting at the tail end of the Holden administration. The reaffirming of a 2020s trade agreement and the apparent resumption of the USMC training assistance, a noticeable drawdown of US forces in Camp Barranquilla, and reports of a deal for the limited rights to military technology all point to a rapid thaw in US-URSA ties.
The Democratic administration seems to be aiming for a "Good Neighbor" policy of sorts, a step back from the Holden administration's more aggressive approach towards protecting sovereign US partners in Latin America. The President may be forced to rely on harder power if backed into a corner, but the USN's dominant position in the Caribbean makes such a scenario unlikely.
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