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I'm Changing Sara

2020.09.22 01:19 Bandage_Wrap I'm Changing Sara

Hello there! I made a previous post about Shuichi having a twin sister, and I decided to change her over time. Her name, her personality, her talent, EVERYTHING!
Full Name: Sara Saihara
Weight: 52kg (115 lbs)
Height: 169cm (5'6)
Birth Date: September 7th
Chest Size: 88cm (35")
Likes: manga
Dislikes: trains
Talent: Ultimate Idol
Sara wears a hat like Shuichi's to cover her face, not being a fan of attention.
Under the hat is a really cute girl with short, dark blue hair and an ahoge. Her eyes are bright and golden with a permanent sparkle in them, she's severely pale and has an amazing body.
She wears a tight, dark blue crop top that shows some cleavage, a black jacket with the sleeves reaching her elbows, tight black high- waisted jeans, dark blue kitten heels and a golden necklace that with ' K x S' on it.
In the prologue, her school unifom was a white shirt, a red tie, a grey blazer, a short, dark blue pleated skirt, black stockings and brown loafers.
And... My phone's low 😅
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